Portable Sales Training

The Portable Sales Training course is a comprehensive training class that combines web, classroom, and hands-on teaching styles. Distributors and Manufacturer Sales Representatives currently representing the Koike product line are permitted to attend. The value you will recieve after completion of this course is the ability to identify and educate your customers with cutting and welding solutions that will enhance their operations which will ultimately increase your sales revenue. 


Course Syllabus

Level 1: Introduction to Program

Level 2: Safety (American Welding Society)
             Koike Owner Manual
             Oxy-Fuel Cutting
             Cutting Tips
             Gas Couplings
             Quick Disconnects
             Flashback Arrestors
             Cutting Torches 

Level 3: Semi-Automated Cutting
             Semi-Automated Welding             
             Hand vs. Machine Cutting
             Specific Koike portable cutting/welding machines and their application solutions

Level 4: Capstone Project (Hands-on learning. On location or Koike demo room; up to instructor's preference)


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