2016 Product Recap

The new products and upgrades launched this past year included but not limited to:

A new waterjet cutting system designed to achieve better cutting accuracies, improved performance (compared to its' predecessor, the Koikejet E series design) and ability to easily maintain the machine to  keep it running to its full capacity.  

A new plasma/oxy-fuel cutting system with dual-sided integrated table to serve the needs of small to medium shops around the world.

Medium-duty (MD) Tilt/Turn Welding Positioners & Turning Rolls
The newly designed MD welding product line was designed to offer the cutting and welding market with high quality and low priced welding positioners and turning rolls. If you or your customer is in the market for a welding positioner or turning rolls, we ask that you request a quote and let us be the solution to your welding needs.

These machines manufactured by our sister company, Koike Europe, located in Zaandam Netherlands. The fiber laser cutting systems by KOIKE offers competitive cutting technology to better serve the needs of our customers.


Plate Pro Extreme, Mastergraph EX2, & Versagraph Extreme
All of the CNCs were upgraded to Hypertherm's EDGE CONNECT CNC controller. Modifications made to the existing machines included changing their electrical connections and the CNCs pedestal stand, as the screens' size was reduced significantly.

Plate Pro
The CNC was changed from Hypertherm's Edge Pro to the Edge Pro Ti controller. By changing the controller, we were able to offer the market with a significant cost reduction and smaller footprint, as the pedestal for the controller was eliminated. The controller now rides on the gantry thus making the machine take up less space on the shop floor. The owners of this machine can also take advantage of the Flashcut CNC software as it comes equipped with a built-in processor and CAD/CAM.   


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