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Rebuilds and Retrofits usually apply to the welding positioners product line.  Customers utilize this type of modification for their equipment when they are not ready for a new positioner, their current positioner is worn out, or their parts demand more versatility.

A rebuild consists of:

  • Stripping down your machine  
  • Steam Cleaning, Prepping, and Painting  
  • Replacing any worn parts and outdated electricals  
  • Inspecting all machine components to find possible future problems

A retrofit changes the functionality of the machine by adding additional parts that make the machine perform differently than originally designed.

Check out some examples of welding positioner rebuilds we have done.

Details of a retrofit must first be discussed with KOIKE Engineering Support to determine whether or not your machine qualifies for these types of retrofits.  CNC Cutting Machine Retrofit options include:

  • Rail Extensions

  • Adding Plasma Station

  • Adding Oxy-fuel Station

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