What is Remote Assistance?

Remote technical assistance is technology used to connect to your machine's CNC controller (Internet).  This eliminates travel expenses incurred for a Technician visiting your facility to perform 30 minutes of support.

Why You Might Need Remote Assistance:

  • Update Software  
  • Troubleshoot  
  • INI files have been lost and need to be restored  
  • Improve Cut Quality  
  • Provide a visual representation to teach over the phone

The same technicians who install machines are also the same technicians who answer phones at our headquarters.  We do not forward any calls to an off-site call center in hopes that the correct answer is stumbled upon.

With our demo machines, we may be able to recreate the same scenario your machine has in order to troubleshoot and determine the proper solution.

We make sure our technicians have cell phones, Internet accessible laptops, and have the latest program updates on-hand in order to avoid interrupting network operations.

While at your location, our inside technicians are in constant contact with the technicians in the field. If parts are needed, the inside help and support technicians locate and ship the parts.

"Customer Service was excellent and fast."

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