Repair and Maintenance

The Repair and Maintenance industry consists of any product that contains metal, from mobile repair rigs and farms to factory maintenance.  Almost every company that works with metal will need to do maintenance and repair on equipment. 

The experts at KOIKE have worked for nearly 100 years with top companies in the area of repair and maintenance. Our combination of products and know-how allow our customers to stay ahead of the competition. The types of cutting and welding done in repair and maintenance require unique solutions for each application. Customers in this business segment require high up time and short turnaround time. The large ranges of KOIKE standard and customized equipment are designed to meet the most rigorous demands of our customers.

Cutting machines, such as laser, plasma, oxy-fuel and waterjet cutting, are used to cut our damaged areas on vehicles, truck beds, farm equipment, and steel beams.  Our products range from small, one torch cutting machines, to large CNC gantry cutting machines with multiple torches.  Parts are often made of very thick steel and require specialized bevels for welding in the next stage of fabrication. Large gantry cutting machines have the option to add plasma bevel cutting and oxy-fuel bevel cutting to the machine. Laser and water jet cutting machines can be equipped with three-dimensional bevel cutting heads.

Portable, semi-automated cutting and welding equipment is employed in difficult areas that are often done by hand.  Productivity in these areas can often be increased by three-fold.

The handling of large weldments and parts can be done safely using positioning equipment, such as gear driven positioners, head and tail stock sets, and turning rolls. Positioners reduce workload on overhead cranes and other handling equipment. Welds are done more efficiently and defects are reduced. Savings can also be seen in the reduction of wire and gas usage.

"Our machine is incredibly well-made and has significantly speeded up our production."
Mark E. Hodge

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