Turning Scrap into Profit

Why do metal centers and scrapyards trust the performance of the IK-12 Beetle, the MK series torches and genuine Koike cutting tips and couplers to maximize profits?

Maybe because Koike has been supporting fabricators around the world for more than a century in the most demanding environments imaginable. That’s legendary Koike quality.


Ik-12 Beetle by Koike
IK-12 Beetle | The Choice for Professionals

♦  Multiple Use Oxy-Fuel Cutting Machine

♦  Stepless Drive System

♦  Lightweight makes it easy to carry

♦  Extendable 72 inch (1800mm) track sections


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MK Torch Series | Heavy-duty Scrap Torch

MK Torch Series by Koike

♦  Three land tip mixing system assures greater safety and reduces the risk of flashback and backfire

♦  Heavy ribbed handle provides good ventilation and a sure handed grip on the torch

♦  Easy grip gas valves allows gloved hands to quickly and accurately set pre-heat flame

♦  Internal tip nut protects threads in torch head

♦  Ease-on cutting valve reduces slag blow back when piercing

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IK-12 Beetle

MK Hand Torches

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