Self-Aligning Turning RollsSelf-Aligning Turning Rolls
Capacities 15 to 180-ton

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Self-Aligning Turning rolls adjust the wheel centerline setting automatically when the vessel is lowered into place. There are no couplings to change and no pins to remove or replace. "SA-Rolls" provide constant centerline capabilities which make set-up and alignment quick and easy. The self-aligning rollers, which maintain a constant centerline, can rotate work pieces with diameters as small as 12" and as large as 16' without adjustment or change of drive shafts. SA-Rolls are available in 15 ton to 180 ton capacity. Rolls are powered with AC variable frequency drives and the motors provide motors providing a large range of rotation speeds. Hand-held operator pendants are standard, and optional foot switch controls are available.

The automatically infinitely adjustable centerline settings provide easy alignment for tapered vessels, while the added surface area of (4) wheels per unit provides additional support for thin walled vessels.

Self-Aligning (SA) Turning Roll Features

  • Rubber Tires
  • Self-aligning, no adjustment required
  • 12" to 16' Diameter range
  • Ideal for tapered workpieces
  • 50:1 Variable speed drives
  • Thin Walled vessels
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