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Live Demos at FABTECH of a brand new cnc plasma or oxy-fuel cutting machine

While you are touring north america's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, be sure to stop by booth B17008 and check out one of your eight (8) live demonstrations. There will be narrated demos, giveaways and Q&A sessions scheduled at 10:00AM and 2:00PM on Monday - Wednesday and 10AM & 1:00PM on Thursday.

ShopProp offers fabricators unprecedented value for small shops

"We developed the ShopPro based on outreach to fabricators and metal workers," said Jim McAuliffe, President and CEO of Koike Aronson Ransome. "Many smaller shops need a robust feature set, but don't have the space, the budget or the need to purchase one of our industrial cutting solutions."

"Our customers asked for a machine that can what our large industrial CNC cutters can do, but with a smaller footprint," said Tim Joslin, Product Manager at Koike Aronson. "We made it compact and kept the price affordable, but made it extremely strong and included the kinds of features fabricators value."

  • Protected ways keeps dirt and contaminants out
  • Precision helical gear rack and AGMA 12 grade ground pinions
  • Helical ultra low backlash planetary gearheads
  • Bolt on high precision linear rail axis guide assemblies
  • High torque drives
  • 19 inch panel PC
  • Heavy duty steel construction with 2" maximum table capacity
  • Water or downdraft table
  • Optional laser pointer
  • Optional oxy fuel torch
  • Two CAD/CAM/CNC software licenses

"When you compare the ShopPro to its most popular competitor, there's no question that we built a much stronger machine," said Ron Krasnek, Global Sales and Marketing Manager for Koike Aronson. "Not only will the build quality provide a more durable machine, it will result in superior parts quality."



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