Abrasive Metering Assembly

  • Abrasive Metering Assembly for ShopJet, small waterjet cutting system manufactured by Koike AronsonKMT Feedline Precision Simplicity and flexibility for performance value.
  • Operational Ease Can be adjusted while cutting for maximum efficiency
  • Cutting Flexibility Operator can quickly determine the amount of abrasive needed to improve cutting speed.
  • Consistent Accuracy Hardened orifice components minimize changes in feed-rate over time due to orifice wear.
  • Simplified Technology Gravity feed design close to the cutting head eliminates abrasive waste.
  • Non-Metallic Design Lightweight, durable non-metallic construction for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance. Clear 360 degree viewing of abrasive for each monitoring.
  • Wear Components Air cylinder rod shielded to minimize wear from abrasive. Fast and easy part replacement, clearning, no tools required for day-to-day maintenance

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