Pipe Rotator option for your new or existing ShopPro | ShopPipeShopPipe™ 
Pipe rotator option for the ShopPro™

Get more use out of your ShopPro™ by adding the ShopPipe™ option.
Incorporates easy to use software, easy setup and low maintenance mechanicals that are built to withstand the
harsh work environment. A fold-down head design saves space and makes it easy for existing customers to upgrade. The direct drive system with chuck precisely rotates the pipe, unlike competitors that use friction drive system with rollers or belts. The work cell is kept cleaner with built-in cutting slag pans and using a through-hole chuck design to safely and effectively remove smoke.





  • Maximum pipe diameter: 6 inches with ½ inch wall
  • Maximum pipe length: 8 foot
  • Number of supports in base model: 3
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150lbs per support (max total weight 600lbs)
  • Drive means: Direct drive with chuck
  • Fume collector connection point: Yes
  • Spark and slag pan: Yes
  • Spark arrestor: Yes

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