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Take advantage of our experience!
Koike Aronson started building cutting machines for large steel service centers and other high profile customers.
We used this in-depth process knowledge to develop the ShopPro for people looking for the 4'x4', 4'x8', or 5'x10' machines.
Our company has been around for over a century and will be here to support you in the future!

Three Models to Choose from

ShopPro 4'x4' by Koike AronsonShopPro 4'x8' by Koike Aronson, Inc.ShopPro 5'x10' by Koike Aronson, Inc.

**Show Special**

Free SilverCut250 with your next ShopPro purchase...just mention Jim Colt

Be sure to mention Jim Colt's name and receive a FREE SilverCut 250 torch with your ShopPro purchase!
*Valid 8/29 - 09/20/2019

North Coast Welding & Cutting Expo

Hosted by O.E. Meyer

Join us at the North Coast Cutting & Welding Expo September 18-19th, 2019 in Sandusky, OH

Stop by and see the ShopPro 5'x10'. This machine is a direct result of over 100 years of experience in the metal cutting industry. We have the strongest gantry on the market and the process knowledge to back it up.

Industry expert, Jim Colt will be onsite working with the ShopPro 5'x10' with Hypertherm's Powermax105 plasma system.

Live demonstrations starting at 11:00am through 7:00pm on both Wednesday and Thursday, September 18th and 19th.

Koike Aronson has partnered with Hypertherm® to provide you the best possible solution in the industry.