Plasma CNC Cutting

The Koike Aronson ShopPro is the company's newest valuepriced,
made in America high performance cutting system, offering fabricators
premium features in a package compact enough to fit in small shops.
Ruggedly built, the ShopPro has the same reliability and accuracy found
with all Koike Aronson cutting systems. The ShopPro was developed with
the help of feedback of fabricators and metal workers, who demanded a
robust feature set at a reasonable price.




Class Defining Features

Helical Rack
and Pinion Drive
Ground Linear
Stepper Motors
Precision Helical 

Helical Gear Rack with
AGMA 12 grade ground
pinions ensures smooth and
accurate motion.

Rugged precision ground
linear bearings assure high
accuracy. Lubrication
fittings provide easy servicing.

Larger motors provide more
torque for faster travel

Provide smooth accurate
increase in torque with little


Built to Outperform

Speed Between the Lines

With a rapid traverse speed of
1000IPM we are already cutting while
others are still looking for the starting line.







Table Features and Options

Three Table
2 inch plate
Slat Orientation
To meet your production or
space requirements                                                                                                                                                          
Slat pans are replaceable
and have extra pockets to
hold double the slats for
cutting smaller parts (option)                                                                                                                                          

Slats orientated perpendicular
to gantry makes loading material
easier. Plate can be placed on table
and pushed into place. Ideal for
locations with no overhead crane
access. Reduces floor space requirements.                                                                                  

Multi use Downdraft
or Water Table 










Machine sizes to match your requirements


Curved Slats

Extends life of slats reduces part tip up and parts falling into plate.


Sized to Perform

Machine Views

Three Sizes:





Effective Cutting Area

4 ft x 4 ft

4 ft x 8 ft

5 ft x 10 ft

Effective Cutting Width

48 in

96 in

120 in

Effective Cutting Length

48 in

48 in

60 in

Rapid Traverse Speed

1000 IPM

1000 IPM

1000 IPM

Machine Width

78 in

126 in

150 in

Machine Length (CNC not included)

72 in

72 in

84 in

Table Dimensions

78 in x 72 in x 56 in

126 in x 72 in x 56 in

150 in x 72 in x 56 in

Machine Weight

1300 lb

2200 lb

3500 lb

Tool Capacity




Water Capacity

65 gallons

148 gallons

220 gallons

Table Capacity

2 inch Mild Steel


Machine Voltage

115/1/60 @ 15 AMP


CNC Controller

FlashCut CNC 21” Panel PC


Drive System



Table Type

Water Pan Insert


Rack and Pinion Drive System

Stepper Motors

(3) 954 oz-in NEMA-34

Gear Reduction

(3) Precision Helical 10:1 gearboxes

Linear Guidance

25mm Profile Linear Rail, 30mm Gantry

Gear Engagement

Direct Drive Helical Rack and Pinion

Gantry Carriage

Solid Steel Construction

Traverse Speed

1000 IPM

Machine Repeatability

0.0015 in

Frame Construction

7 Gauge Mild Steel

Specifications are subject to change without notice

Powerful Software

FlashCut CNC All-in-One Motion Controller and 21" Panel PC

21" Touch Screen


Screen Display

Software Features:

  • Adjustable PC mount with access to all connections reducing exposed cabling on machine.
  • Integrated plasma torch height control follows the sheet surface at the precise height
  • Real time visualization of toolpath and torch voltage settings.
  • Completely integrated FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC enables you to easily draw a 2D part, create the toolpath with lead-ins and outs, nest and cut.
  • DXF import, image import and shape library with a multitude of menu driven shapes.
  • Integrated cut charts for plasma.
  • Automatic kerf crossing detection in THC algorithm prevents unwanted diving.
  • Made in the USA.
  • On-board Completely integrated Flash Cut 2D.
  • CAD/CAM package.
  • Plasma Support Interface.
  • Oxy-Fuel Support Interface.
  • DXF/DWG import/Silhouette import.
  • Standard Grid Nesting.
  • On-board automatic true shape nesting software.
  • Enhanced production nesting features - fill sheet, multi sheet, partial sheet On-board Lead in and lead out type, positioning and length adjustment.
  • Customizable plasma cut charts for Hypertherm.
  • Smart feedrate and THC handling of small holes.
  • Overburn Support.
  • Automatic cut settings based on material.
  • Automatic Kerf Compensation.
  • Easy CNC program flow control including Jump to Line.
  • Forward and reverse processing.
  • Fix Tool finds and corrects CAD mistakes instantly.
  • Commonly Used Pate List.
  • Tabbing Support.
  • Assign different operations to each part.
  • Cut Sequencing.
  • Operation Sequencing.
  • Drag, Delete, Rotate, Copy parts on nest.
  • Cutout or Part Mode.
  • Custom views of kerf width, cut direction, toolpath, rapids and part geometry.
  • Customizable poet processor.
  • Kerf Crossing Detection.
  • Dry and Momentary Run.
  • Remote diagnostics.

FlashCut Pro Version Software Package Upgrade Includes:

  • Marker and Plasma Marking
  • Center Mark Dimpling
  • Advanced Small Hole Processing
  • DXF Export
  • True Type Font Support Without Exploding
  • Curved Text Around Any Shape
  • 3D Cutting Simulation
  • Automatic Lead-in on Re-Start
  • Smart Touch Off
  • Import of Parts From External Files
  • Multi-Sheet and Fill Sheet Trueshape Nesting
  • Corner Looping
  • Advanced Lead-in and Lead-out Editing
  • Nesting of Multiple External CAD Files


Optional Laser Pointer

Allows operator a visual
indicator for plate alignment
and torch positioning.

Optional Oxy-Fuel Torch:

2" maximum material thickness.

Fast Setup and Flexible Shop Configuration

No Crate

Solid Base

Fork Lift Pockets

Plasma Systems to Meet Your Requirements

Hypertherm® Conventional LongLife Air and Oxygen Plasma Systems

Heavy-Duty production tools with cost reducing LongLife technology for dramatically longer consumable life and much lower operating costs. The quick disconnect torch makes changing consumables fast and easy. Impressive cut speeds, consistent cut quality and exceptional consumable life gives this plasma system a reliable performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

Conventional Plasma Systems offered for the ShopPro:

  • Hypertherm® powermax65: has a production pierce of 1/2 inch mild steel
  • Hypertherm® powermax85: has a production pierce of 5/8 inch mild steel
  • Hypertherm® powermax105: has a production pierce of 3/4 inch mild steel
  • Hypertherm® powermax125: has a production pierce of 1 inch mild steel
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