Offering fabricators unprecedented value for small shops


The ShopPro­™ is a  made in the USA high, performance cutting system, offering fabricators premium features in a package compact enough to fit in small shops. Ruggedly built, the ShopPro™ has the same reliability and accuracy found with all Koike Aronson cutting systems.

The ShopPro™ was developed with the help of feedback of fabricators and metal workers, who demanded a robust feature set at a reasonable price. 



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Features | Standard Equipment

Water table has curved slats to help make loading of material easier. Plate can be placed on table and pushed into place. Ideal for locations with no overhead crane access and it reduces floor space requirements.

Dual Side Drive With Precision Ground Linear Bearings provides smooth and accurate motion.

Precision Helical Gearboxes with NEMA 34-Stepper motors.

Helical Gear Rack with AGMA 12 grade ground pinions.

Emergency Stop Button is located on each saddle to quickly and safely shut off machine motion and cutting process, including oxy-fuel gases to the torches.

FlashCut CNC 21 inch touch screen monitor ShopPro cnc cutting machine and cut samples

All-in-One Motion Controller with 21 inch Monitor

▪ PRO Version Software package
▪ On-board completely integrated FlashCut 2D CAM/CAD package
▪ True shape nesting
▪ Customizable cut charts
▪ Customizable default lead-in, lead-out strategies
▪ Silhouette image import
▪ DXF/DWG import
▪ Tabbing of part
▪ Overburn support
▪ Marker and Plasma Marking
▪ DXF Export
▪ Advanced text including true type font support without
exploding and curved text around any shape
▪ Part shading
▪ 3D cutting simulation
▪ Automatic Lead-in on Restart
▪ Dynamic THC On/Off
▪ Progress meter
▪ Move to point in viewport
▪ Rip cutting
▪ Smart Touch Off
▪ Shape library
▪ Bridge entities tool
▪ Shape welding tool
▪ Multi layer color image import
▪ Import of parts from external files
▪ Multi-sheet and fill sheet trueshape nesting
▪ Corner looping
▪ Advanced lead-in, lead-out editing
▪ Animated 3D Cutting Simulation
▪ Advanced small hole processing

Optional Pipe Rotator


Pipe rotator Patent Pending by Koike Aronson optional accessory for new or existing cnc cutting machines

ShopPipe™ option for the ShopPro™

Patent Pending

Incorporates easy to use software, easy setup and low maintanance mechanicals that are built to withstand the harsh work environment. A fold-down head design saves space and makes it easy for existing customers to upgrade. The direct drive system with chuck precisely rotates the pipe, unlike competitors that use friction drive system with rollers or belts. The work cell is kept cleaner with built-in cutting slag pans and using a through-hole chuck design to safely and effectively remove smoke. 

ShopPipe™ Specifications

  • Maximum pipe diameter: 6 inches with 1/2 inch wall
  • Maximum pipe length: 8 foot
  • Number of supports in base model: 3
  • Maximum weight capacity: 150 lbs per support (max total weight 600 lbs)
  • Drive means: Direct drive with chuck
  • Fume collector connection point: Yes
  • Spark and slag pan: Yes
  • Spark arrestor: Yes

Equipment Options

Pneumatic Scribe Assembly: Manual swapable with plasma torch, Manual On/Off, Marking software included with option, Initial height sensing

Oxy-Fuel Torch: Koike cutting tips are one of the most technically advanced of its kind. By providing safety and accuracy, they save money in time and gas cost. There is also a Lifetime warranty when using genuine Koike cutting tips and 2 inch maximum for your material thickness.


Downdraft Plenum table by Koike AronsonDowndraft Plenum Table is mounted to the backside of the cutting table. It includes one or two 12 inch diameter cut outs for the customer supplied fume collector (not available with the oxy-fuel option).


Table Features & Options

Three Table Sizes to meet your production and space requirements.

Three Table Sizes for ShopPro by Koike Aronson

Conventional Plasma Systems offered for the ShopPro™

Hypertherm® powermax45XP

The next generation of Powermax65®/85/105 systems is unlike any plasma you've seen before. Featuring built‑in
intelligence and a revolutionary single-piece cartridge consumable, Powermax SYNC™ series helps to address
skilled labor shortages with its simplified system operation. This new platform streamlines consumable inventory, lowers operating costs, and maximizes performance and productivity.

Hypertherm® powermax65 SYNC®
Hypertherm® powermax85 SYNC®
Hypertherm® powermax105 SYNC®
Hypertherm® powermax125

Roll-A-Round CNC Cabinet protects your controller from surrounding environment and moves easily on 4 industrial casters (2 with brakes).

Fast Setup & Flexible Shop Configuration

No Crate, Solid Base and comes with Forklift Pockets - the ShopPro by Koike Aronson

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