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Shop Pro XHD 612

Water Table


Maxpro-200 480/3/60.


Features | Standard Equipment

Curved Table Slats heavier slats than the leading competitor (3/16" x4" tall) provide a stable cutting surface. The curved slat design is engineered to help reduce dross on parts, while improving the life of the slats.

Dual Side Drive With Precision Ground Linear Bearings provides smooth and accurate motion.

Precision Helical Gearboxes with servo drive motors.

Helical Gear Rack with AGMA 12 grade ground pinions.

Emergency Stop Button is located on each saddle to quickly and safely shut off machine motion and cutting process.


FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC on ShopProXHD


ShopProXHD cut samples and machine in actionAll-in-One Motion Controller with 21” Touch Screen

▪ PRO Version Software package
▪ On-board completely integrated FlashCut 2D CAM/CAD package
▪ True shape nesting
▪ Customizable cut charts
▪ Customizable default lead-in, lead-out strategies
▪ Silhouette image import
▪ DXF/DWG import
▪ Tabbing of part
▪ Overburn support
▪ Marker and Plasma Marking
▪ DXF Export
▪ Advanced text including true type font support without
exploding and curved text around any shape
▪ Part shading
▪ 3D cutting simulation
▪ Automatic Lead-in on Restart
▪ Dynamic THC On/Off
▪ Progress meter
▪ Move to point in viewport
▪ Rip cutting
▪ Smart Touch Off
▪ Shape library
▪ Bridge entities tool
▪ Shape welding tool
▪ Multi layer color image import
▪ Import of parts from external files
▪ Multi-sheet and fill sheet trueshape nesting
▪ Corner looping
▪ Advanced lead-in, lead-out editing
▪ Animated 3D Cutting Simulation
▪ Advanced small hole processing

Standard Features

Laser Pointer: Allows operator a visual indicator for plate alignment and torch positioning.

Lifter: Torch height control using servo drive for faster positioning. Linear way with ball screw provides improved precision and motion. Reverse mounting of the lifter and stainless steel cover protects the mechanicals from the harsh cutting environment.

Removable Cutting Slat Frame: Two removable slat support frames are designed to make clean out easier; using the included hook access points.

Deep Cutting Table: More cutting between clean outs. Deep cutting table stores three times more slag than shallow table designs.




Fast Setup & Flexible Shop Configuration


ShopProXHD No Crate Needed, Solid Base and Use Two Lift Trucks to move

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