Steel Service Centers

KOIKE has over 95 years of experience working with metals. Our mission is to provide solutions to our partners in steel service centers to bring them the best technology for production, quality and safety; while offering service that is second to none. KOIKE offers a wide range of CNC cutting machines which include plasma, laser, oxy-fuel, and waterjet. We also offer a large variety of portable cutting machines that offer a simple, yet sophisticated approach to cutting metals.

Our sales and engineering departments take a custom approach to each customer's needs, and they work with each customer to tailor equipment that will compliment existing business while offering options that will improve the bottom line. Our offerings include plasma, oxy-fuel, water jet, plate marking, and lettering. We specialize in plasma, waterjet, and oxy-fuel beveling of parts. Plate marking and drilling are just a few of our options.

Thousands of customers from around the world trust KOIKE to achieve their cutting needs and for over 95 years we have served them with the best technology and service (Read more about on KOIKE History). Call and let us show you how our know-how can benefit your business in the steel service industry.

"It is such a pleasure to deal with KOIKE's professional and knowledgeable sales staff."

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