**IK-12 Max3W Portable Welding Carriage/ Tractor*SORRY, THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED***

IK-12 Max3W
Portable Welding Carriage/ Tractor

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The IK-12 MAX3W Portable Welding Carriage provides extremely smooth travel for the ultimate in welding.

Welding set up shown below. Requires customer remote for welder.

Part # IK12MAX3W

The machine can be purchased as a low or low/high speed model.

IK-12 Max3W Features & Benefits

  •     Double cone stepless drive system
        Maintains constant travel speed even with high temperatures; allows greater speed control
  •     Extendable 1800mm (72 in.) Track Sections
        Weld longer parts

The IK-12 Max3W uses a standard MIG gun with remote pendant supplied by the MIG machine manufacturer.

This machine has been replaced by the IK-12 NEXT.

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