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The Vertical Up Welder (VUP), a single pass Vertical-Up welder (VUP) can complete 10-12 vertical seams on a field erected storage tank with 8' tall x 1" thick seams in one work shift. X-Ray quality welds with one operator and one machine.

The frame consists of a vertical column mounted on a powered carriage and roller assembly that rides on the top edge of the tank shell.

Lift controls include up/down switch, high/low speed potentiometers and rapid speed selector that control a variable speed motor that is electronically integrated with the welding control, which

automatically adjusts speed to maintain the optimum nozzle to weld puddle relationship.

A Lincoln NA-3 head and control is supplied with two K-176 Nozzles for welding with either 3/32" or .120" diameter NR-431 Innershield wire. The NA-3 head is mounted on a free moving slide providing manual lateral adjustment. An air operated bracket supports an articulated copper shoe assembly.

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