Water Cutting Table

Water Cutting Table

Water Cutting Table

The Koike water cutting table is an economic solution to reducing smoke, sparks and dust into the environment.

  • Constructed out of 1/4" thick steel the table offers a heavy duty design with re-enforced side walls for extra durability.

  • Has a steel tank air bladder allows raising and lowering the water level with air.

  • Table allows 6" thick plate and under to be leveled to the table for more accurate cutting.

  • 1/8" thick slats are spaced 3" apart and curved to help stop small parts from falling into table and prevent straight line cutting along a slat. This feature reduces slag along the bottom of parts and prolongs the life of the slats.

  • Easy lift lugs allows you to lift the whole slat and pan assembly or each individual component of this assembly. As an example: it allows for the lifting of slats and the holder for easy access to collector pans.






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