Wel-Handy Mini V
Compact, Trackless, Fillet Welding Carriage/Tractor

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The Wel-Handy Mini V is a complete, ready-to-weld, small, portable welding automation system.

Wel-Handy Mini V Features & Benefits

  • Light Weight at 4.8 kg (11lb.)
    Makes transport and setup easier
  • Pulling Power of 16kgs (35lbs.)
    Provides stable welding even under heavy loads
  • No Track Required
    Self-guiding eliminates cost and time to setup rails
  • Permanent Magnet
    Rare earth magnet hold unit secure to the work piece
  • KOIKE Magnet Patented Technology
    When handle is lifted the magnet is released simultaneously
  • Horizontal Use
    Weld in flat position
  • Economical Operation
    Guide rollers can be adjusted to three positions: low position (10 mm above floor), standard
    position (32 mm above floor), & high position (70 mm above floor)


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