Wel-Handy Multi II | Compact Welding Carriage for Semi-Automated Welding

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**This machine has been replaced by Wel-Handy Multi NEXT

Heavy-Duty Mechanized Welding Carriage

Light, compact, all wheel drive, with the same bulletproof drive system found in all original Koike welding carriages. Incredible magnetic force enhances traction and a low center of gravity allows the Wel-Handy Multi II to achieve the highest pulling power and stability in the marketplace today. Greatly reduces gas and wire costs while improving working conditions for every operator.


Wel-Handy Multi II Features & Benefits

  • Machine Function Dial
    Used to easily manipulate machine functions from one single source. Developed by welders to be functional and easy to understand.
  • Back Step Function
    Automatically pauses machine for dwell then backs up to finish crater cap.
  • Limit Switch Function
    Besides the standard shutoff function the limit switches also have a 'move to position' function, which allows the operator to position the machine, by simply pushing the limit switch in the direction of desired movement (Patent Pending).
  • Encoder drive motor and control
    Ensures precise motion and reduces inconsistencies from power and weight fluctuations.
  • Weaving control unit (optional)
    Plug and play weaving attachment can be added to your machine without the need for any additional interfacing or costly operating controls.





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