Wel-Handy Multi StitchWel Handy Multi Stitch

Semi-Automated Trailer Fabrication used to tack or skip weld a fillet weld. 

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Light, compact, all wheel drive, magnetic force traction and a low center of gravity allows the Wel-Handy Multi to achieve the highest pulling power and stability in the marketplace today.

Wel-Handy Multi Stitch Features & Benefits

  • Multi Purpose Welding
  • Solid Aluminum Body
  • Light Weight at 7kgs (15lbs)
    Makes transport and set-up easier Pulling Power of 30kgs (66lbs)
    Provides stable welding even under heavy loads
  • No Track Required
    Eliminates cost and time to set- up rails
  • Limit Switches on Carriage Ends
    Automatically stops machine and weld at predetermined stop point
  • Horizontal or Vertical Use
    Weld in flat or vertical up position
  • Remote Controlled Weaving Option
    Allows user to dial in weave settings on the fly while viewing live weld

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