Vertical Plate Welding Carriage


*This machine has been replaced with the Wel-Handy Multi NEXT

The Wel-Twin is designed to weld both sides of a structure at the same time.  Common uses are for ship building, trailer building, and I-beam fabrication.

The carriage is magnetically attached from both sides of the plate.  An interface is included to send signals to both wire feeders when the welding is to begin.  Semi-automation improves quality, production times and reduces welder fatigue.

Wel-Twin Features & Benefits

  • Held by Two Carriages
    The Wel-Twin is held by the main and sub-carriages similar to Koike's patented technology used in the Wel-Handy Multi series.  The Wel-Twin grips tightly to the material being welded.  As with the existing Twin Torch it attaches and detaches easily from the base plate.
  • Wide Adjustable Range
    The torches can be adjusted vertically or horizontally on the main and sub-carriages.  The subcarriages has an adjustable range from side to side.  It is possible to set various welding points on the two carriages.
  • Multiple Units
    The arm of the Wel-Twin is engineered to be suspended from a double housing carriage.  While the Wel-Twin is suspended and moved downward the carriage grips the vertical plate with a magnetic force.  Once the weld is made the carriage is lifted out of the way.  This allows for multiple units to be run by a single operator.


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