Positioners Explained

Koike Aronson, Inc. offers custom welding equipment solutions designed to tilt, rotate, and elevate so the welding of large, awkward objects can be achieved no matter which welding process is required.

To help you get started, we have categorized our welding positioners' line based on how the machine can move a part (Part Movement) and how the welding torch can be moved and/or held (Torch/Welder Movement).

Part Movement

In order to start the process of finding the right machine to fit your specific needs, please determine how your part will be moved so we can be sure you are able to access your welds.


Bench PositionerFloor TurntablesHeadstock and TailstockTilt/Turn Welding Positioners

Turning RollsC2000P30 Universal Balance



Tilt/Turn Welding PositionersUniversal Balance 


Headstock and TailstockTilt/Turn Welding PositionersUniversal Balance  


Headstock and TailstockTilt/Turn Welding Positioners 

Torch/Welder Movement 

Weld positioners move the work under the welding process equipment. Welding head manipulators move the welding process equipment over the work. 

Automatic Girth WeldersWeld Seamers | Seam Welders Weldign ManipulatorsVertical Up Welders

Portable Welding Machines [view all]

Your choice to pursue semi-welding automation will be a rewarding one. Many of our current customers often find many benefits to semi-automated welding with a KOIKE portable machine.  Often they are looking to improve quality and productivity; however, sometimes the cost savings can be overlooked, which can amount to thousands of dollars every month.  Essentially, by taking the welding gun out of the welder's hand and mounting it on a welding carriage, you have exact control over many of the essential variables in the welding process.

Not all of our welding carriages are the same; we have categorized them based upon whether they need to follow a track, much like a train, use a magnet, or need an operator.

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