Lower costs and increase safety with portable automation


Koike Aronson's welding carriages and cutters are popular with shipbuilders and fabricators for a reason: These amazingly affordable machines reduce operator workload, reduce consumables like gas and flux while simultaneously increasing operator safety and improving the quality of welds. 

Wel-Handy Series

  • Performs fabrication tasks quicker than manual welding, with up to 66% time savings over welding by hand.
  • Precise digital control means welds are accurate, with no over-welding, fewer defects and spatter, and reduced grinding.Reduces stress and fatigue on operators by performing automated tasks.
  • Greatly lowers the cost of consumables such as gas and flux, as its digital logic precisely controls the welding process.
  • No track or rail needed.

Plus, Wel Handy's intuitive controls are easy to learn, with simple dials providing total control of all welding parameters.

Wel-Handy Models

Wel-Handy Mini Strong - compact welding carriage designed to go where others can't. With its 10-inch footprint and impressive pulling capacity of 77 lbs., it's used by shipbuilders and vessel fabricators for consistent, straight welds. Click here to learn more about the Wel-Handy Mini Strong!

Wel Handy Multi II - our fully programmable game changer has a permanent magnet with 110 pounds of attraction force, enabling it to perform vertical as well as horizontal welds, including filet welds, tack welds, butt welds, stitch welds, contour welds, dual pass and more. Options such as twin torch heads and a weaving unit make it even more flexible. Click here to learn more about the Wel-Handy Multi II!

IK-72 Series

IK-72W - a lightweight welding carriage using the IK-72 magnetic rail system with control on all axes. The remote pendant allows for the welder to work in a more ergonomic position, while the rack and pinion system provides steady consistent motion in both vertical and horizontal welding applications. Click here to learn more about the IK-72W!

IK-72T gas cutting - cuts various types of steel including channel, curved plate and angled steel members. It can bevel cut or straight cut in or out of position using 1, 2, or 3D rail. Comes in either 110 or 220 volt and a lifetime torch warranty is standard. Click here to learn more about the IK-72T!



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