WSD/WSI 300-1200 Turning RollsWSD/WSI 300-1200
Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, and Pipe Turning Rolls
Capacities from 300 to 1,200-ton

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This heavyweight series has been engineered for the effective positioning of long cylindrical work-pieces. Tanks, pressure vessels, and pipe are applications that utilize turning rolls. Long objects that are not cylindrical may be adapted with the aid of custom designed support rings.

The Aronson design incorporates solid steel wheels and axles for high load capabilities. Along with superior performance capabilities, Koike Aronson turning rolls are extremely durable and utilize the strongest worm gears, welded gearboxes, and chassis components.

WSD/WSI 300-1200 Turning Roll Features

  • Machined Steel Wheels
  • NEMA 12 Electricals
  • Wide diameter range capability
  • Low voltage hand control pendants
  • 50:1 Variable speed drives
  • AC brake motors
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