Cutting Tables

Koike Zoned Downdraft Cutting Table

Koike Zoned Downdraft Cutting Table

Can be as big as you want or as small as you want depending on the workpieces; a maximum material thickness of 6 inches. Operation is simple: there are no electronic components, and the slat frames and the slag pans remove easily for cleaning. Fume extraction is everything one needs, thanks to multiple zones for optimal fume extraction. Downdraft tables are used primarily for plasma cutting and are combined with fume extraction units that filter the air back to the factory. Downdraft tables provide the best option for high-quality cutting with high-density plasma systems. 

  • Modular designed
    Provides ability to add space as you need it
  • Simple Operation
    Slat frames and slag pans easily remove for cleaning
  • Multiple Zones
    Provide optimal fume extraction


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