Auto-Picle-S Portable Pipe CuttingAuto-Picle-S
Portable Pipe Cutting Accuracy for Large Pipes

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The Auto Picle-S is a motorized oxy-fuel pipe cutting machine with remote control.The special fixed rail for the torch/tip guidance system provides high cutting accuracy and makes the Auto Picle-S ideally suited for large pipes. The Auto Picle-S is portable and easy to set-up just about anywhere.

Auto-Picle-S Features & Benefits

  • Motorized Oxy Fuel Pipe Cutter
    Automatically bevel cuts or straight cuts steel pipe
  • Remote Controlled
    Operate machine away fromcutting area to avoid sparks
  • Optional Guide Rail
    Cuts up to 2400mm (94in) inch diameter of pipe accurately; use for cutting pipe vertically
  • Interlocking Chain Links
    Add or remove chain as needed to cut smaller or lager pipe
  • On/Off Drive Clutch
    Position machine and align machine quickly
  • High Quality Oxy-Fuel Cutting Tips
    Koike's superior design Series100 torch tips are included to ensure fast, smooth cuts

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