Gear Driven

Precise rotational and tilting capabilities at variable speeds with a high-torque gear motor.

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  • G2200 on a White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    G Series -40 +90 Degree Tilt

    The G Series gear-driven tilt/turn positioners, ranging from the base G400 - G2200 line, to the heavy-duty G3500 - G10,000 line, rank among the world's largest standard gear-driven Positioners, offering both a robust and economical solution for...
  • HD45 on White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    HD Series + 135 Degree Tilt

    Introducing the HD Positioner Series, a comprehensive range of industrial positioning solutions designed to cater to a wide spectrum of needs. The HD Positioner Series encompasses a variety of models, each carefully engineered to provide reliable and...
  • MD Tilt/Turn Positioner on White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    MD Series

    The MD series tilt/turn positioners strike an ideal balance between performance and affordability, featuring a broad range of weight handling capacities to suit diverse applications. The MD15VF and MD30VF models accommodate loads of up to 3,000 lbs and...