Head and Tailstock

A set of adjustable supports to securely hold and rotate a workpiece during machining or manufacturing processes.

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  • MD-HTS-PE Head and Tailstock with Trailer Fame Body Fixture

    Koike Aronson, Inc


    Koike's MD series Power Elevating Head and Tailstock ━ premium features and long-lasting performance, all in a compact design. Designed to meet Koike's rigorous standards for top-tier performance, the MD-HTS-PE provides high-capacity, precision guidance...
  • 180 Degree Tilter on a White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    180 Degree Tilter

    In many work environments, you may fine that a 180 Degree Tilter offers a swift alternative to the intricate setup often needed for head and tailstock positioners. Their 90 degree tilt from the horizontal position ensures convenient access for down-hand...
  • Power Elevating Head and Tailstock on a White Background.

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    Power Elevating

    The Powered Elevation design optimizes the use of readily available components, incorporating commercial ball screw jacks for reliable and high-duty cycle elevation operations, driven by a worm/wormgear arrangement. Two of these screw jacks...
  • Fixed Height Head and Tailstock on a White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    Fixed Height

    Fixed height Head and Tailstock positioners offer a wide range of capacities and customizable options, making them a practical solution for rotating long elliptical workpieces. When used together, these positioners occupy significantly less floor space...