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Mr. James McAuliffe Jr., Koike Aronson's new President & COO


Aronson's Visit KAR


The 4 Aronson gentleman have over 139 combined years working with Positioners!

KAB Contest winners visit the United States


KAB Employees take English courses to win trip to the United States

Koike Aronson and Hypertherm - Waterjet Symposium

Koike Aronson and Hypertherm's very first Waterjet Symposium

Koike Aronson Awarded 2015 Outstanding Business Partner

Koike Aronson receives award from Wyoming County Education Council

Koike Aronson involvement with World Trade Center

 This years World Trade Celebration May 20th!  Mark your calendars!

Koike Aronson Representing at Storage Tank Show


Koike Aronson exhibiting at the International Aboveground Storage Tank Trade Show, April 27th - 29th.

Koike Invests in their Employees


Koike Aronson invests in their employees' education with its tuition reimbursement program.

A Positioner - from the workbench of Kevin Roblee, Positioner assembly


Koike Aronson positioners being used in a variety of applications throughout the world. 

The Power of Water Shapes the World We Live In

The Koikejet is a waterjet cutting machine that can cut a variety of material such as, steel, aluminum, rubber, titanium, granite, etc.

Click here to watch video

Getting Lean with Koike Aronson

Our Lean Journey began in February 2008 with 5S Kaizen events that cleaned the clutter and organized work areas.

Furthering your Koike Knowledge


The last sales training school for this year has passed. Please refer to our Training Opportunities page to register for online training.

Any questions, please contact our Sales Training Administrator


Steaming Towards a Cure for Diabetes

The Arcade & Attica Train Ride to Support American Diabetes Association was a success. Read more

ADA Seminar

American Diabetes Association lunch and learn
seminar held at Koike Aronson's headquarters.

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