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FiberTex Zero

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  • 8', 10', 12', and 20' Cutting Widths
  • Class I Safety Rated
  • 12kW or 18kW Systems
  • 1-1/4"(12kW) or 1-1/2" (18kW) Table Capacity
  • Optional Inkjet Marking Station
  • Optional Stainless Steel Cutting Kit

We've combined the industry-leading Koike design and manufacturing standard with a first-of-its-kind fiber laser cutting technology to welcome the FIBERTEX Zero into our robust cutting machine lineup.

Thanks to the usage of Koike's new 'K Torch', this large plate format DBC (Dual Beam Control) fiber laser boasts the highest level of contour accuracy for continuous wave (cw) cutting. From steel service centers, heavy equipment manufacturers, and shipyards, the FIBERTEX Zero was made to excel in the most demanding applications.



Redefining the industry's contour accuracy standards for continuous wave (CW) cutting, the FIBERTEX Zero is designed to excel in the most demanding applications, offering enhanced cutting capabilities and precision through Dual Beam Control technology. To make this possible, KOIKE has undergone a thorough machine structure review, introducing a new drive system and modular Class I Safety Enclosure, making the FIBERTEX Zero a true game-changer in fiber laser cutting.

Standard equipment : 


With a robust 12kW or 18kW oscillator output, the FIBERTEX Zero allows for effortless cutting through mild steel plates up to 36mm (1.4") thick and stainless steel plates up to 50mm (1.97") thick.


The newly engineered K-Torch head boasts an intuitive design that optimizes the flow of Assist and Shield gases, maximizing molten metal discharge.


Thanks to KOIKE's groundbreaking DBC Technology, parameters of both Central and Ring Beams can be individually controlled and set to your unique cutting specifications.

Next Generation of High Performance Machine Control

The FANUC® 31i CNC Controller

With enhanced functionality and superior performance, the FANUC 31i CNC controller extends the potential of machine capabilities into the future.

FANUC controls have a world-class reputation for performance, precision, reliability and user-friendly operation, making them popular with the most demanding managers and operators alike.

With more than 3 million controllers already installed around the globe, FANUC is the world’s leading CNC manufacturer.

Intelligent Internal Machine Communication

FANUC® Integrated Drive System

Optimum output of the FIBERTEX Zero’s DBC technology is ensured by FANUC’s integrated drive and motor package, which provides simple maintenance, high-quality, compact design, and exceptional performance.



Equipped with a high-resolution, multi-camera surveillance set- up, the FIBERTEX Zero TM offers real-time monitoring of each cutting process while maintaining the safety of its operator during Class IV laser operation.

Integrated software allows for a customized viewing output to the live feed, enabling its operator to make instantaneous adjustments, ensuring optimal cutting accuracy and minimizing material wastage.

Compact Design with No Limitations

Central Location of On-Board Peripherals

The compact design of the Oscillator, Chiller, and Control Panel allow for components to be mounted directly to the back of the FIBERTEX Zero, removing the issue of fiber cable length limitations and increasing cutting capabilities.

Peripheral location also reduces the operator’s range of motion, streamlining the machine’s operability, allowing for the addition of an on-board control center with the FANUC operation panel.

Built-In Fume Collection

On-Board Belt Duct System

Renowned for its exceptional performance with Plasma Cutting Machines, the Belt Duct System emerged as the optimal choice for the FIBERTEX Zero's built-in Fume Collection System by extracting corrosive and abrasive fumes away from its sensitive laser optics.

In contrast to its plasma predecessor, the distinct advantage of this system lies in its elimination of the requirement to fill the cutting table with water.



Your Key to Unlimited Cutting Width

Modular Class I Safety Enclosure

No longer are your laser cutting capabilities restrained by the size of a fixed enclosure.

The FIBERTEX Zero features a modular Class I safety enclosure that travels with the cutting head, allowing for safety regulation on an unlimited basis.

Hydraulic struts on enclosure doors make opening each section easy, creating a larger opening to provide full access to all internal components.

Specially Designed Class I Compliant Cutting Table

Per Class I safety regulations, FIBERTEX Zero features a specially designed cutting table with internal partitions to effectively mitigate the propagation of reflected light from both front and back directions.