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The Custom series regulators are designed to maintain pressure settings for cutting, welding and heating work. The bright red and green regulators allow the operator to quickly identify red for fuel and green for oxygen. It is recommended to use flashback arrestors such as the Silver Sentinel or Sentinel Plus to prevent an accident.


Gas Regulator Features & Benefits

  • Compact
    Easy to use in just about any area
  • Versatile
    Effective for use in hand work or semi-automated cutting machines
  • Highly Visible
    Bright colors stand out saving time in identifying fuel and oxygen
  • Four Models
    Oxygen - CGA 540
    Acetylene - CGA 300
    Acetylene - CGA 510
    LPG - CGA 510
  • Easy to Use
    Gauges are easy to read and adjustment knobs allow smooth pressure settings even with gloved hands



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The Accu-Flow system for MIG welding comes in two exclusive types; MIG & TIG .

The Accu-Flow helps to reduce gas waste by allowing the operator to set the exact flow setting quickly and easily.

Accu-Flow Features & Benefits

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Four Models Available
  CWH-30D heated regulator for CO2, MIX-30 for Argon/CO2 mix, AR-16 and AR-30

Precise Gas Flow Control
  This exclusive flow select system allows accurate gas flow control by simply adjusting the dial, saving both time and gas.
No Flow Tube
  No worries about flow tube needing to be     upright to function, ball centering     inaccuracies or tube breakage.

Chrome Plated
  Durable finish on fittings provides corrosion     resistance.
Piston System Design
  The pressure regulating mechanism is free from pressure variation, ensuring high accuracy and durability.
Triple Filters
   Three inlet gas filters prevent dirt and grit from entering the system.
▪  Compact and Lightweight
   Only 1.3 lb (.59kg), easy enough to carry just about anywhere.  







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