FiberPro CNC Fiber Laser Cutting System

Designed and manufactured by industry experts
USA craftsmanship coupled with high-end global components
Utilizes the latest cutting technology
Competitively priced


FiberPro Features

• Fully engineered, manufactured, and shipped within the USA to ISO 230-2 machinery standards.

• Industry-leading design with localized service, support, and parts

• Fully integrated, UL Certified electrical panel for clean assembly

• Quick install and setup

• Fully integrated downdraft design with catch pans for easy cleaning

• 5 x 10 or 6 x 12 foot effective cutting area and up to 3 degrees of plate skew for alignment

• All-in-One Motion Controller with 21” Touch Screen

• Intuitive all-in-one CAD/CAM/CUT software package included, requiring no additional upgrades or options

• Cuts and marks ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including copper and brass

• Choice of 2kW or 4kW laser

• Standard manual shuttle table and power table option

• Includes training for maximum performance and use of machine

• Industry-leading standard 2 year warranty with lifetime phone support

Cutting Head

• Next-generation Precitec cutting head

• Automated motor-driven adjustment of the axial focus position, yielding stability and precision of the cutting head at all times. Separate Cooling System for Cutting Head - Cools Optics and controls humidity and dew point, allowing for longer life of optics and maintaining proper cut quality. This machine can be installed in any climate.


High Performance Motion

• Servo motors coupled to low backlash gearboxes

• Oversized linear bearings utilizing helical rack and pinion

• ISO 230-2 certified accuracy and repeatability

Fiber Laser Power Supply

• SPI fiber laser power source is virtually maintenance-free

• Materials: works with metals such as Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless, and Mild Steel

• Minimum and maximum material cutting based on 2kw or 4kw option

• Environmentally friendly: reduce your carbon footprint through lower energy usage

Safety and Operator Comfort

• Fully enclosed Class I safety enclosure to protect from Class IV laser operation

• Important safety and machine controls within arms reach

• Laser safety interlock system with automated door and shuttle table options

• Wide view laser safety windows on the operator side of the machine





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