Speciality Rolls

Turning Rolls for unique applications.

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  • TRAC-TRED Turning Roll on a White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc


    The Trac-Tred Turning rolls provide a solution for safely turning thin walled or precious surfaced cylindrical pieces without marring, wrinkling, or indenting the vessel. The patented Trac-Tred system allows for steady, precise rotation of vessels from 4...
  • PTR 10000 on a White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    Outboard Support Stands

    The PTR Outboard Support Stand offers adjustable weight capacities of 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 lbs., accommodating diameters ranging from 2" to 48". Equipped with 8" polyurethane wheels, this stand's roller assembly is mounted on a screw-adjusted stand,...
  • Micarta Turning Roll on a White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc


    The Micarta Turbine Rotor Turning Roll ━ the smart and cost-effective alternative to industry standards like V-blocks. Whether it's for sonic inspection or welding repair, these specialty positioners simplify the process with cranes needed only for...
  • Self Aligning Turning Roll on a White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    Self Aligning

    Unlock maximum precision and efficiency with our Self-Aligning (SA) Turning Rolls – the ultimate solution for effortless workpiece manipulation. By automatically adjusting the wheel centerline when your vessel is in place, these rolls eliminate the...
  • Anti-Drift Turning Roll

    Koike Aronson, Inc


    Introducing the Anti-Drift Roll: the ultimate solution for effortlessly ensuring the stability of your vessel. With its two synchronized "Steerable Wheels" powered by AC servo motors, this cutting-edge system dynamically counters any lateral movement...