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The Main differences among the three flashback arrestors we offer are:

Silver Arrestor Z-set: is a gas regulator flashback arrestor with a built in Safety-Z® gas hose coupler.
Silver Arrestor Z- Oxy Set Part#S1C13081
Silver Arrestor Z- Fuel Set Part# S1C13082

The Super Sentinel®: is a gas cutting torch or portable cutting machine flashback arrestor with gas hose coupler.
Part#ZA3232190 (locking type)

The Sentinel Plus® : is a gas regulator flashback arrestor with resettable automatic gas shut off.
GA1 Oxygen Part#ZA3232950
GA2 Fuel Gas Part#ZA3232992

UL® Listed

Flashback Arrestor Feature & Benefits

    • Excellent Reverse - Flow Prevention
      High quality reverse -flow valve helps to prevent the possibility of gases mixing; when a backfire occurs it shuts off pressure to the torch.
    • Reverse Disconnect
      Prevents coupler from accidentally releasing. Will not come apart with a straight pull as required by OSHA standard No. 1915.55 (F)(5).
    • Tight Sealing
      Two unique seal pickings provided between plug and socket assures tight sealing.
    • UL Listed

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