Global Sentinel Inert CouplingGas Coupling Sets

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The Global Sentinel Inert couplers have been designed to provide quick setup and removal of welding equipment.  A simple safety lock assures the single push system a precise and sound fit.  The automatic gas plus gives you easy control when you need it and shuts off automatically when plug is removed.





Sentinel Safety-ZSentinel Safety -Z: Quick Release Connectors

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The Sentinel Safety-Z uses a unique reverse disconnect feature that will not come apart with a straight pull. This feature prevents accidental release of the coupler even when pulled over the edges of steel plates. The Sentinel Safety-Z is designed for heavy use such as Ship Building, Steel Service Centers, Construction, Metal Fabrication,Schools and Demolition. 

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Super SentinelSuper Sentinel: Direct Coupling & Flashback Arrestor

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The Super Sentinel is engineered to add safety and convenience to hand cutting and welding torches.  The KOIKE Sentinel series coupler are renowned for safety, quality and longevity.  The combination coupler and flashback arrestor is one of the smallest on the market fitting most torches without the need for adapters.  Each coupler is designed for heavy duty use in industries such as shipbuilding, steel service centers, construction, metal fabrication, education, and demolition.

Features & Benefits

  • KOIKE gas couplings assure good line connections; easy click-in, click-out design and good reverse-flow prevention.
  • Each gas coupler is designed for heavy duty use in industries such as, shipbuilding, steel service centers, construction, metal fabrication, education and demolition.



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