Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torches

Koike cutting torches are available for use with most fuel gases by just changing the cutting tip for the correct fuel gas. Cutting tips are available for the following gases: acetylene, LPG,  natural gas, MAPP®, HPG®, Chemtane2®.

All Koike torches are designed to mix the fuel and the oxygen used for preheating inside the cutting tip. This is recognized as one of the safest methods. Koike 100 series torches carry a lifetime warranty against a damaging sustained flashback while using genuine Koike cutting tips.

Hand Cutting Torches

Each cutting torch is built to the highest standards, then stringently tested to ensure safe; long life operation. Designed for the professional for use in industries such as metal fabrication, shipyards, salvage, construction and other general purpose uses.

   Handy Auto Series (Handy Auto & Handy Auto Plus)

Machine Cutting Torches

The 500L cutting torch is used in Koike’s large cutting machines. The 300L is an optional shorter version used in several of our portable cutting machines. These torches are designed for cutting up to 12 inch thick steel. We offer higher capacity cutting torches by special order. Optional accessories allow for bevel cutting and very narrow strip cutting.

Our oxy-fuel torches can be adapted to an existing cutting machines to improve the performance and safety of your cutting machine.

All machine torches and accessories are built to the highest standards, then stringently tested to ensure safe, long operation in order to produce precision cuts while being easy to operate.




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