Industrial Steel and Manufacturing Markets Served

tubing, pipes, plate marking, drilling, milling, grinding, hot, cold rolling, flame cutting, shearing, hole punching   agriculture, mining, construction, logging, vehicles, equipment, offshore, drilling, cranescutting, welding, special parts, flanges, covers, gussets, bracketsnuclear, power plant, transformer, hydroelectric, wind turbine, storage tanks, offshore drillingtanker ship, offshore, barges, aircraft carrier, patrol, boat, shipyard, cargo, container, luxury liner, vesselboiler, chemical mixing, storage, water treatment, reactors, food preparationrailcars, barges, heavy, trucks, automobiles, ships, aerospace, locomotive, train, bridgeshigh school, technical, institution, university, on the job training, vocationalcrane equipment, structural, steel, road construction, earth moving, home, bridge, building water storage, chemical mixing, oil tanks, treatment, boiler, food preparation, tankers, pressure vessel, seam weldingmobile rigs, factory maintenance, tank repair, seam welding, farm, ship, barge, heavy equipment
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