Used to rotate, tilt, and adjust the orientation of a workpiece, ensuring safe and optimal access for welding.

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  • LD4 Bench Top Positioner on White Background

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    LD4 Positioner

    Introducing the LD4 portable benchtop positioner: the perfect welding solution that caters to small workshops, fieldwork, and other situations demanding mobility as a priority. Its compact and lightweight design, expertly crafted precision controls, and...
  • Base Model Universal Balance Positioner Assembly with Casters

    Koike Aronson, Inc

    Universal Balance

    The Koike Aronson Ransome Universal Balance Welding Positioner: your solution for safe and efficient manipulation of large workpieces using only fingertip pressure, eliminating the need to lift helmets or break arcs, especially when precise down-hand...