Micarta RollsMicarta
Wheeled Turbine Rotor Turning Rolls
Capacities of 50 to 250-ton

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Turbine rotor turning rolls are specialty positioners which are very cost effective when compared to other industry alternatives such as V-blocks. Objects, such as steam and gas turbines, may be manipulated for sonic inspection and welding repair with the use of cranes only for mounting and unloading. Once turbines are placed upon Positioners, operators may rotate them and easily perform desired procedures. Rolls are powered with AC variable frequency drives and motors which provide a large range of rotation speeds. Hand-held operator pendants are standard and optional foot switch controls are available. The single fixed centerline setting provides a wide diameter range to accommodate many different size rotors.

The phenolic wheels provide a hard, dense surface that will not mar the machined turbine journal like steel rollers. Unlike rubber tires, micarta will not deflect and absorbs debris that can also damage the rotor journal.

Sub-base risers can be added for large diameter fins, which will provide swing clearance for a free 306-degrees of continuous rotation.

Micarta Turbine Rotor Turning Roll Features

  • Precision machined wheels in rigid chassis to prevent end creep
  • Phenolic laminated Wheels
  • Variable Frequency drives and motors
  • 8" to 32" Diameter capacities
  • 50:1 AC Variable speed drives
  • Optional fixed height sub-bases
  • Optional infinitely adjustable power elevating sub-bases
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