Oxy-Fuel OptionOxy-Fuel Options
Auto Ignitor

Safely ignite oxy-fuel torches with the convenience of never having to leave operator station

Oxy-Fuel Torch Stations
(Up to four stations available)

Model "G" motorized lifter, 6-inch (150 mm) stroke at 40 IPM. All stations are controlled from Operator console. Capacitive height control and automatic ignition available (not shown).

Koike D7 Cutting Tips

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  • Safer Operation
    Koike's 100 Series tips are designed to reduce backfires to keep the operator and torch safe
  • High Quality
    Each tip is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent high-quality cutting in every tip
  • Faster Cutting
    Our high-speed divergent tip increases cutting speed by 20-28% over standard tips
  • Gas Savings
    Gas consumption is reduced up to 26%
  • Durable
    A stainless steel cutting oxygen liner results in the tip lasting up to five times longer over standard tips

SP-400 Triple Bevel Station

Allows single pass straight line oxy-fuel beveling up to 2" thick material, manual adjustment for beveling in X & Y axis. 




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