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VersaGraph Extreme

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  • 8'- 24' Cutting Widths
  • 10'-100' Cutting Lengths
  • Water or Downdraft Table Options
  • 12" Table Capacity
  • 200-800amp Plasma Systems
  • Optional Full Contour Plasma Bevels (x2)
  • Optional Oxy-Fuel and Marking Station

The Versagraph Extreme, an exceptionally durable gantry-style thermal cutting machine designed to use the most advanced industry techniques including Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Engineered to excel in challenging environments and leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, the Versagraph Extreme delivers unmatched speed, precision, versatility, reliability, and durability in thermal cutting.

This robust cutting machine offers full customization to meet your production needs and boost productivity. It includes multiple plasma stations, oxy-fuel stations, marking options, and full contour plasma beveling, all easily controlled through an intuitive operator interface.

This cutting-edge solution caters to a range of industries, including Steel Service Centers, Heavy Fabricators, Equipment Manufacturers, Shipbuilders, and more. 

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Edge Connect TC - CNC Controller:
    • 19 inch Glass Touchscreen
    • IntelliTouch Pro PCAP (Projected Capacitive touch technology)
    • 2 USB 2.0 Ports
    • Built-in Wireless Communication
    • Two Plasma Station Operator Console
    • Forward and backup on path function
    • Skip to pierce or Skip part function
    • Part Program Support
    • Remote Help
    • Supports Networking
    • Auto Gas Support
    • DXF Input
    • Simple Shape Nesting
    • Selectable Process Parameter table
    • Cut Pro Wizard
    • Pronest CNC version included (single part nesting)
    • Optional multiple part nesting available upon request
    • Sure Cut technologies applied (True hole, Rapid Part, and True Bevel when applicable)
  • Koike Engineered Main Electrical Enclosure:
    • Utilizes off-the-shelf components for efficient communication.
    • Employs 18 Amp Bosch/Rexroth drives to achieve 1400 IPM rapid traverse speed.
    • Requires 480/3/60 @ 30 Amp power input.
  • Powerful AC Servo Drives and Ultra-Low Backlash Planetary Gearboxes:
    • 6 HP drives for X and Y-Axis ensure precise, smooth, and accurate motion, resulting in excellent cut quality.
  • Large Diameter Drive Pinions:
    • Large diameter pinions offer accurate and smooth machine motion.
  • Drive System Engagement:
    • Utilizes dual precision linear bearings to precisely engage the pinion into the rack, ensuring long-lasting and accurate machine motion.
  • Large Heavy-Duty Rail System:
    • Floor-mounted rail system provides a stable base for the 37 KG triple-machined rail, ensuring precise and smooth motion. Easily expandable for longer cuts or multiple machines on a common rail.
  • Large 12” Diameter Main Rollers:
    • Sturdy, oversized main rollers ensure stability even with heavy loads, facilitating smooth machine movement.
  • Large Brass Rail Scrapers:
    • Robust brass rail scrapers effectively remove debris, ensuring consistent and stable machine motion.
  • Robust Cross-Axis Linear Bearings:
    • Robust brass rail scrapers effectively remove debris, ensuring consistent and stable machine motion.
  • Rail Axis Cable Carrier:
    • Can be mounted on the floor or overhead (optional).
  • Slave Carriage Band Clamp:
    • Allows easy and accurate placement and spacing of tools such as oxy-fuel and plasma torches.
  • Cable and Hose Management:
    • All cables and hoses are expertly installed to prevent twisting and fraying during machine operation.
  • Strict ISO 230-2 standards:
    • Machine Motion Precision:
      • Accuracy: 0.015 inches
      • Repeatability: 0.005 inches
      • (compensated machine motion within 72 inches; *measured with laser interferometer).



  • Laser Pointer:
    • Allows the operator a visual indicator for plate alignment and torch positioning.
  • Pneumatic Dot-Peen Pin Stamp Marker Station:
    • Carbide-tipped variable-speed punch for marking bend lines, layout lines, drill locations, and alphanumeric text as small as 1/4” high.



Hypertherm® HyPerformance/HyDefinition Plasma Systems:

  • HyPerformance Plasma cuts fine-feature parts with superior quality and consistency while eliminating cost of secondary operations.
  • The quick disconnect torch makes changing consumables fast and easy.
  • Long consumable life, dross free edges, minimum angularity and high system reliability maximize productive "arc-on-time".
  • HyPerformance Plasma combines fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling,quick changeovers and high reliability to maximize productivity.
  • 130 amp to 800 amp systems are available to meet your production demands.

Hypertherm® Conventional LongLife Air and Oxygen Plasma Systems:

  • Heavy-Duty production tools with cost reducing LongLife technology for dramatically longer consumable life and much lower operating costs.
  • The quick disconnect torch makes changing consumables fast and easy.
  • Impressive cut speeds, consistent cut quality and exceptional consumable life gives this plasma system a reliable performance across a wide range of industrial applications.

Conventional Plasma Systems: 

  • Hypertherm® powermax65 SYNC®:
    • Production Pierce 1/2” Mild Steel
  • Hypertherm® powermax85 SYNC®:
    • Production Pierce 5/8” Mild Steel
  • Hypertherm® powermax105 SYNC®:
    • Production Pierce 3/4” Mild Steel
  • Hypertherm® powermax125 SYNC®:
    • Production Pierce 1” Mild Steel
  • Hypertherm® MAXPRO200:
    • Production Pierce 1” Mild Steel (Liquid Cooled Torch)
  • Hypertherm® XPR300 with Optional Gas Console Boxes:
    • Standard Core™console: Production Pierce 1.75 inch Mild Steel; 1.25 inch Stainless Steel
    • Vented Water Injection: Production Pierce 2 inch Mild Steel; 1.5 inch Stainless Steel
    • OptiMix console: Product Pierce 2 inch Mild Steel; 1.5 inch Stainless Steel
  • True Hole™ Ready:
    • TrueHole™ Technology founded by Hypertherm® produces a significantly better hole quality than what has been previously possible before using plasma.
    • This technology was developed for mild steel from gauge to 1" (25 mm) and has been optimized from a 1:1 to a 2:1 diameter to thickness ratio.
  • Koike Integrated Sensor THC Torch Height Control:
    • 12" (340.8 mm) lifter travel.
    • Programmable lifter speed up to 1,000 IPM.
    • Adjustable stroke retract between cuts.
    • Dynamic positioning for precise control.
  • Collision Detection Mount:
    • Magnetic integral breakaway for collision detection and system shutdown.
    • Primary Ohmic contact plate sensing for clean plate.
    • Secondary plate sensing for scaled/rusty plate.
    • Primary and secondary means for lifter homing.
  • 3D-LT Bevel Unit with Koike HD Sensor-THC Height Control:
    • True focal point technology for maximum motor and gearbox protection.
    • Minimal exposure of electrical wires and components to heat, smoke, and dust.
    • Simplified alignment for reduced maintenance costs.
    • Continuous 360° rotation for versatile beveling.
    • Accuracy within +/- 0.5 degrees.
    • Bevel angle capability of up to 50° (positive and negative).
    • Bevel types include A, V, X, Top Y, Bottom Y, and K bevels.



  • Oxy-Fuel Torch Stations (Up to three stations available):
    • Model “G” motorized lifter, 6-inch (150 mm) stroke at 40 IPM.
    • All stations are controlled from the Operator console. Standard 500L Koike torch with three cutting tips.
  • HI-LO Oxy-Fuel Gas System with Auto Ease-On:
    • Allows HI-LO preheat for fast preheating of plate and superior cutting quality. Features auto ease-on pierce control for cut oxygen. Allows for precise piercing on thicker plate. Maximum 4” (100 mm) thick material with 3 torches.
  • Oxy-fuel Manual Bevel Attachment:
    • Used for bevel cutting operations, including top and bottom bevel cuts.
  • Koike Twin Tip Holder:
    • Converts a single oxy-fuel cutting torch into dual cutting torches.
    • Allows strip cutting and a closer distance between small parts.
  • Koike D7 Cutting Tips:
    • Safer Option: Koike’s 100 Series tips are designed to reduce backfires to keep the operator and torch safe.
    • High Quality: Each tip is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent high-quality cutting in every tip.
    • Faster Cutting: Koike's high-speed divergent tip increases cutting speed by 20-28% over standard tips.
    • Gas Savings: Gas consumption is reduced up to 26%.
    • Durable: A stainless steel cutting oxygen liner results in the tip lasting up to five times longer over standard tips.



  • Koike Water Cutting Table:
    • An economic solution to reducing smoke, sparks, and dust into the environment.
    • Can be used for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting.
    • Constructed out of 1/4” thick steel.
    • Steel tank air bladder allows raising and lowering the water level with air.
    • Designed for leveling plates up to 6” thick.
    • 1/8” thick slats spaced 3” apart prevent small parts from falling into the table and reduce slag.
    • Easy lift lugs for quick access to collector pans.
  • Koike Zoned Downdraft Cutting Table:
    • The Koike Downdraft table is as big, or as small, as most workpieces you’ve got.
    • Its modular design lets you add space as you need it, with a maximum material thickness of 6 in.
    • Operation is simple: there are no electronic components, and slat frames and slag pans remove easily for cleaning.
    • Fume extraction is everything you need, thanks to multiple zones for optimal fume extraction.
    • Downdraft tables are used primarily for plasma cutting and combined with fume extraction units that filter the air back to the factory.
    • Downdraft tables provide the best option for high-quality cutting with high-density plasma systems.
  • Fume Extraction Unit:
    • Ledge-less Construction:
      Eliminates dust build-up and accommodates wash down environments.
    • Compact Design:
      Minimizes floor space.
    • Powerful Performance:
      Proprietary ExtraLife™ Filter Cleaning System provides 30% more cleaning energy.
    • Cost Savings:
      Fewer filter change outs, reduced filter disposal costs, less energy usage.
    • Reliability:
      Exceptional results for over 20 years and counting.
  • Safety Light Curtain:
    • Provides protection to personnel from moving machinery hazards.
    • Automatically shuts off the machine if anything enters the light curtain's path during operation.
    • Optional Pull Rope E-Stop design available for added safety control.