Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a process of cutting electrically conductive metals, which utilize the electrically conductive gas to transfer energy from an electrical power source through a plasma cutting torch, thus melting the material.  There are two types of plasma cutting processes:

Conventional Plasma Cutting

This process uses oxygen, air, and nitrogen for cutting.  Conventional plasma cutting is a lower cost solution that will produce good quality cuts, but there will be some angle to the cut surface and the minimum hole quality is 3:1 to the plate thickness.  Most conventional plasma systems run 65 amps, 85 amps, 100 amps and 200 amp systems.  Mild steel cutting can be achieved from gauge material to 1-inch production pierce.  Stainless steel and aluminum can be achieved from gauge material to 3/4-inch.

Hi-Definition Plasma Cutting

This process uses multiple gases for producing the highest quality parts. The hi-definition plasma uses the following gasses for cutting:  oxygen, air, nitrogen, argon/hydrogen, and argon/nitrogen.  If outfitted with an Auto Gas System, this plasma also has marking capabilities by using low amperage from the power supply.  Argon gas is used for this marking process which is used to identify parts, bend lines, layout lines or drilling locations.  This hi-definition plasma system will produce high quality cuts, and the angle to these parts is very minimal.  Hole cutting quality on Mild Steel is a minimum of 1:1 ratio to the plate thickness up to a 1-inch plate.  Quick change plasma torch heads make changing consumables fast and easy.  Hi-definition plasma systems range from 130 amps, 260 amps, and 400 amps. Mild steel cutting can be achieved from gauge material to 2-inch production pierce. Stainless steel and aluminum cutting can be achieved from gauge material to 1-1/2 inches and with an 800 amp plasma system can production pierce up to 3-inches stainless steel.

Plasma Cutting Features

  • Fastest Cutting Process  
  • Minimal Heat-Affected Zone  
  • Minimal Clean-Up  
  • Smooth Surface
  • Cuts a Wide Range of Materials

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