Plate Pro
Metal Plate Cutting Machine

The Plate Pro® is a metal plate cutting machine that is affordable, easy to install and simple to operate that utilizes plasma and oxy-fuel cutting technology to cut through metal.

It is customized to meet your specific metal cutting needs. With assistance from a KOIKE Cutting Machine Specialist, you can have your customized Plate Pro cutting machine installed and up and running at your facility.

The Plate Pro is the most competitive in its' class.  As well as being very affordable, the Plate Pro is full featured, easy to install, and simple to operate.  The Plate Pro is very practical for areas with limited space.

The Plate Pro is a rigid rail, rapid traverse, and multi-tool station cutting system.  Available in 5,6, and 8 foot cutting widths and 10, 12, 20, and 24 foot cut lengths.  Utilizing a rigid beam and pedestal mounted precision rail system, the Plate Pro provides movement to maintain critical accuracy at the Plate Pro's high 800 IPM rapid traverse speed.

Offering up to four tool stations, the Plate-Pro can be outfitted with dual plasma cutting systems, up to three oxy-fuel cutting stations, or a combination of oxy-fuel, plasma and plate marking systems.

Plasma & Oxy-fuel cutting process capabilities

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  • Plate Pro Offers FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC PRO Software

    CAD Drawing package hightlights:
    ▪ Simple shape menu
    ▪ Manipulate simple shapes into parts you need
    ▪ DXF and DWG import
    ▪ Fix drawing tool
    ▪ CAD layer support
    ▪ Centerline image import
    ▪ Silhouette image input
    ▪ DXF export
    ▪ Advanced text true type font support

    CAM package highlights:

    ▪ True shape multipart nesting
    ▪ Plasma/Oxy/Marking process support
    ▪ Material database (cut chart support)
    ▪ Lead-in/Lead-out auto assignment for material thickness
    ▪ Customizable lead-in and lead-out
    ▪ Advanced small hole processing
    ▪ Over burn
    ▪ Tabbing
    ▪ Graphical editing of lead-in/lead-out
    ▪ Curved text around any shape

    CNC package hightlights:

    ▪ Jump to line
    ▪ Allows for easy torch placement on large nests or parts
    ▪ Dynamic torch height control
    ▪ Process parameter manipulation
    ▪ Full view of nests or part with real time tracking


  • Emergency Stop Button: To quickly and safely shut off machine motion and cutting process, including oxy-fuel gases to the torch
  • Maintenance Free Guide Rollers: Sealed bearings for linear roundway.
  • Rail Axis & Cross Axis Limit Switches: Used for over-travel as well as homing of the machine.
  • Slave Carriage Band Clamp: allows easy and accurate placement and spacing of tools such as, oxy-fuel and plasma torches.
  • Operator Console: Hard-wired switches for selecting oxy-fuel station, oxy-fuel processes and gas system control.
  • Rail Axis Cable Carrier: Is mounted to the rail pedestal weldment.  The cable carrier keeps all of the hoses & cables organized during machine movement.
  • Linear Way and Heat Shields: Replaceable linear roundway provides for a smooth and accurate cutting motion.  Heavy duty heat shields protect machine from heat and sparks.
  • Large Diameter Drive Pinions: Large diameter pinions offer accurate and smooth machine motion.
  • Rail Axis Drive Rail: Precision ground rail and rigid pedestal weldment provides the stability for smooth and accurate machine motion.
  • Plasma Systems: Hypertherm's powermax65 (production pierce: 1/2" mild steel), powermax85 (production pierce: 5/8" mild steel), powermax105(production pierce: 3/4" mild steel), powermax125 (production pierce: 1" mild steel), and MAXPRO200 (production pierce: 1" mild steel)
  • Manual Plasma Bevel: Bevel in the rail axis only. Non-contour mechanical adjustment from +/- 45 degrees.
  • Laser Pointer: Allows operator a visual indicator for plate alignment and torch positioning.
  • Pneumatic Dot-Peen Pin Stamp Marker Station: Carbide tipped variable speed punch for marking bend lines, layout lines, drill locations, and alphanumeric text as small as 1/4" high.
  • Oxy-Fuel Systems & Options
  • Oxy-Fuel Torch Stations:(Up to three stations available)Model "G" motorized lifter, 6-inch (150 mm) stroke at 40 IPM.All stations are controlled from Operator console. Standard 500L Koike torch with three cutting tips.
  • Hi-Lo Oxy-Fuel Gas System with Auto Ease-On:Allows HI-LO preheat for fast preheating of plate and superior cutting quality. Features auto ease-on pierce control for cut oxygen. Allows for precise piercing on thicker plate. Maximum 4" (100 mm) thick material with 3 torches.
  • Oxy-Fuel Manual Bevel Attachment:The bevel attachment is used in place of a Koike cutting tip. It is used for bevel cutting operations, including top and bottom bevel cuts.
  • Koike Twin Tip Holder:Coverts a single oxy-fuel cutting torch into dual cutting torches. Allows strip cutting and a closer distance between small parts.
  • Koike D7 Cutting Tips
    Safer Option: Koike's 100 Series tips are designed to reduce backfires to keep the operator and torch safe
    High Quality: Each tip is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent high quality cutting in every tip
    Faster Cutting: Our high speed divergent tip increases cutting speed by 20-28% over standard tips
    Gas Savings: Gas consumption is reduced up to 26%
    Durable: A stainless steel cutting oxygen liner results in the tip lasting up to five times longer over standard tips
  • Models: PLP1500: 60 in (5 ft) Effective Cutting Width, Large diameter pinions offer accurate and smooth machine motion.
  • Models: PLP2000: 72 in (6 ft) Effective Cutting Width, Large diameter pinions offer accurate and smooth machine motion.
  • Models: PLP2500: 96 in (8 ft) Effective Cutting Width, Large diameter pinions offer accurate and smooth machine motion.
  • Koike Zoned Downdraft Cutting Table:
    The Koike Downdraft table is as big, or as small, as most workpieces you’ve got. Its modular design lets you add space as you need it, with a maximum material thickness of 6 in. Operation is simple: there are no electronic components,and slat frames and slag pans remove easily for cleaning.Fume extraction is everything you need, thanks to multiple zones for optimal fume extraction. Downdraft tables are used primarily for plasma cutting and combined with fume extraction units that filter the air back to the factory. Downdraft tables provide the best option for high-quality cutting with high-density plasma systems
  • Koike Water Cutting Table:
    The Koike water cutting table is an economic solution to reducing smoke , sparks and dust into the environment. It can be used for both oxy-fuel and plasma cutting. While not the most optimized solution for high density plasma systems, it still provides good results in cut quality. Constructed out of 1/4" thick steel the table offers a heavy duty design with re-enforced side walls for extra durability. The steel tank air bladder allows raising and lowering the water lever with air. The design of the table allows 6" thick plate and under to be leveled to the table for more accurate cutting. 1/8" thick slats are spaced 3" apart and curved to help stop small parts from falling into table and prevent straight line cutting along a slat. This feature reduces slag along the bottom of parts and prolongs the life of the slats. Easy lift lugs allows you to lift the whole slat and pan assembly or each individual component of this assembly. As an example: it allows for the lifting of slats and the holder for easy access to collector pans.
  • Fume Extraction Unit:
    For downdraft table
  • Downdraft Table Trip Arm:
    Mechanical trip arm that opens and closes zones in the Koike downdraft table. No pneumatic or electrical components are required.

Machine Components

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