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In order to assure that the torch can return with accuracy to a programmed point to make a weld, the robot is normally anchored in a fixed location relative to the weld­ment. Some robots travel on carri­ages along the length of a weld­ment, or they move in one direction from one work station to another. But this means the robot is unable to move to the fourth side of the weldment. A positioner coupled with a robot extends the robot's flexibility by maneuvering the weldment through two or three axes to bring the weld seams within the robot's reach. Koike Aronson / Ransome robotic class Welding Positioner features are available for most standard model Welding Positioners. Robotic Welding applications may include use in the Aero Space, Automotive and heavy equipment industries.

In some applications, convention­al positioners have worked success­fully with robots, but most installa­tions require a higher degree of control and performance. For exam­ple, most gear sets will have lost motion (backlash) between the meshing gears for operating clear­ance to reduce wear.

Robotic positioners are equipped with gear systems that control back­lash and minimize its effect on re­peatability of position. Backlash can be controlled by using two pinions in mesh with the final driven gear, which usually carries the work­table. By indexing these pinions op­posite each other while in mesh with the driven gear, each pinion can have proper operating clearance while simultaneously arresting the lost motion of the driven gear. For all practical purposes, there is zero backlash, but some tolerance must be applied to allow for manufactur­ing irregularities and wear.

Anti-backlash and high locating accuracy is accomplished with high precision components and machining. Servo drives as well as pneumatics can be used to power these robotic welding Positioners. Special engineered Robotic Welding Positioners are always available.


Machine Features:

  • Patented Backlash Control
  • Redundant braking
  • Zero Indicators and zero pins on each axis to establish precise location of the axis
  • Transducer mounts on each axis
  • Choose from Headstock/Tailstock, Tilt & Rotate, Turntable and Multi-Axis models

Robotic Transporter Options


Head and Tailstock Options




Fixed Automation

Universal Control


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