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Koike Aronson / Ransome robotic class Welding Positioner features are available for most standard model Welding Positioners. Robotic Welding applications may include use in the Aero Space, Automotive and heavy equipment industries.

Anti-backlash and high locating accuracy is accomplished with high precision components and machining. Servo drives as well as pneumatics can be used to power these robotic welding Positioners. Special engineered Robotic Welding Positioners are always available.

Machine Features:

  • Patented Backlash Control
  • Redundant braking
  • Zero Indicators and zero pins on each axis to establish precise location of the axis
  • Transducer mounts on each axis
  • Choose from Headstock/Tailstock, Tilt & Rotate, Turntable and Multi-Axis models

"Happy with the machine...this has been an A1 experience."
Tim Burkett

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