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Cricket-I | Compact & Robust Semi-Automatic Welding Manipulator

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Ruggedly built, the Cricket-I provides the same reliability and robust performance found with all Koike machines, offering fabricators a variety of premium features with a small enough footprint to fit into any size shop. The Cricket-I provides a stable and repeatable platform for semi- automatic welding processes and is built with a 150 pound capacity with options.

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • Size and Mobility:
    • 6’ X 6’ manipulator equipped with manual travel car.
  • Weight Capacity:
    • Impressive 150lbs load capacity.
  • Mast Rotation:
    • Manual mast rotation for precise positioning.
  • Adjustable Reach:
    • Flexible manual reach for enhanced versatility.
  • Vertical Lift:
    • Powered vertical lift for efficient handling.
  • Mobility Features:
    • Convenient fork truck pockets and lifting eye for easy mobility.

Optional Pipe Welding Package Includes:

  • Wel-Handy Next
  • Programmable WU-3 Weaver and Control
  •  3in. x 3in. Manual CRoss Slide
  • Mounting Brackets for Pendants and Welding Controls


  • Industry-Leading Standard 2-Year Warranty Backed by Lifetime Phone Support.

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