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The ShopPro is the made-in-America compact CNC cutting machine built to withstand duty in a production environment. Not only is it built tougher and stronger than the leading competitors, you can configure the ShopPro as a plasma cutting machine or oxyfuel cutting machine, able to handle up to 2” of mild steel.

Dual side drives provide more accurate movement than the competition’s single drive, and with three table sizes available (4x4, 4x8 and 5x10), you can find a size that fits your needs. So whether you want a compact hobby CNC cutting table or you’re a steel service center looking to maximize remnant usage, the rugged ShopPro will help you make steel more profitable.

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Plasma & Oxy-fuel cutting process capabilities

Features | Standard Equipment

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  • Water table

    with curved slats

  • Emergency Stop Button:

    E-stop button located on each saddle quickly and safely shuts off machine motion and cutting process, including oxy-fuel gases to the torchces.

  • Dual Side Drive With Precision Ground Linear Bearings: Provides smooth and accurate motion.
  • Precision Helical Gearboxes: With NEMA-34 Stepper motors.
  • Helical Gear Rack: With AGMA 12 grade ground pinions.
  • Flashcut CNC All-in-One Motion Controller and 21 inch Panel PC

    ▪ Adjustable PC mount with access to all connections reducing exposed cabling on machine.
    ▪ Integrated plasma torch height control follows the sheet surface at the precise height
    ▪ Real time visualization of toolpath and torch voltage settings.
    ▪ Completely integrated FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC enables you to easily draw a 2D part, create the toolpath with lead-ins and outs, nest and cut.
    ▪ DXF import, image import and shape library with a multitude of menu driven shapes.
    ▪ Integrated cut charts for plasma
    ▪ Automatic kerf crossing detection in THC algorithm prevents unwanted diving.
    ▪ Made in the USA.
    ▪ On-board Completely integrated Flash Cut 2D
    ▪ CAD/CAM package
    ▪ Plasma Support Interface
    ▪ Oxy-Fuel Support Interface
    ▪ DXF/DWG import/Silhouette import
    ▪ Standard Grid Nesting
    ▪ On-board automatic trueshape nesting software
    ▪ Enhanced production nesting features - fill sheet, multi sheet, partial sheet, On-board lead-in and lead-out type, positioning and length adjustment
    ▪ Customizable plasma cut charts for Hypertherm
    ▪ Smart feedrate and THC handling of small holes
    ▪ Overburn Support
    ▪ Automatic cut settings based on material
    ▪ Automatic Kerf Compensation
    ▪ Easy CNC program flow control including Jump to Line
    ▪ Forward and reverse processing
    ▪ Fix Tool finds and corrects CAD mistakes instantly
    ▪ Commonly Used Plate List
    ▪ Tabbing Support
    ▪ Assign different operations to each part
    ▪ Cut sequencing
    ▪ Operation Sequencing
    ▪ Drag, Delete, Rotate, Copy parts on nest
    ▪ Cutout or Part Mode
    ▪ Custom views of kerf width, cut direction, toolpath, rapids, and part geometry
    ▪ Customizable poet processor
    ▪ Kerf Crossing Detection
    ▪ Dry and Momentary Run
    ▪ Remote diagnostics

  • Flashcut Pro Version Software Package Upgrade

    ▪ Marker and Plasma Marking

    ▪ Center Mark Dimpling

    ▪ Advanced Small Hole Processing

    ▪ DXF Export

    ▪ True Type Font Support Without Exploding

    ▪ Curved Text Around Any Shape

    ▪ 3D Cutting Simulation

    ▪ Automatic Lead-in on Re-Start

    ▪ Smart Touch Off

    ▪ Import of Parts From External Files

    ▪ Multi-Sheet and Fill Sheet Trueshape Nesting

    ▪ Corner Looping

    ▪ Advanced Lead-in and Lead-out Editing

    ▪ Nesting of Multiple External CAD Files

  • Optional Laser Pointer: Allows operator a visual indicator for plate alignment and torch positioning.
  • Optional Oxy-Fuel Torch: 2 inch maximum material thickness.
  • Koike D7 Cutting Tips

    ▪ Marker and Plasma Marking

    ▪ Safer Option: Koike's 100 Series tips are designed to reduce backfires to keep the operator and torch safe

    ▪ High Quality: Each tip is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent high-quality cutting in every tip

    ▪ Faster Cutting: Our high-speed divergent tip increases cutting speed by 20-28% over standard tips

    ▪ Gas Savings: Gas consumption is reduced up to 26%

    ▪ Durable: A stainless steel cutting oxygen liner results in the tip lasting up to five times longer over standard tips

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