The ShopProXHD® Katana® combines the industry-leading Koike design and manufacturing with the breakthrough Katana controller. Fitted with superior drive control components for greater precision and smoother motion throughout the entire cutting range, we’ve eliminated the need for most secondary operations. The ShopProXHD® Katana® brings high-quality output, improved productivity, and performance beyond any other machine in its price range.

Features | Standard Equipment

KATANA® Controller:     
21.5” TFT display with capacitive multi-touch screen. Advanced interfaces for the plasma and torch height control systems provide the user with expert cutting process controls using preprogrammed cutting charts. Innovative software makes it easy for the operator to produce high quality parts from day one.

Omnidirectional Roll Around CNC Control Pedestal:     
Provides the user with the optimum vantage point for safety and comfort.

Sigma-7 Servo Drives & Motors:    
Faster response times, modernized communications, outstanding reliability and improved safety features.

Battery-less Absolute Encoders:
Remembers its position after a power outage and offers continuous real time true position monitoring. Increased programming flexibility – no need to reestablish ‘home’ when powered on.

Dual Side Drive - Helical Gear Rack - Precision Ground Linear Bearings:
Designed for tighter tolerance, longer service life and high output.

Lifter: Torch height control using servo drive for faster positioning. Linear way with ball screw provides improved precision and motion. Reverse mounting of the lifter and stainless steel cover protects the mechanicals from the harsh cutting environment.

Removable Cutting Slat Frame: Two removable slat support frames are designed to make clean out easier; using the included hook access points.

Deep Cutting Table: More cutting between clean outs. Deep cutting table stores three times more slag than shallow table designs.

Plasma Systems offered:

Hypertherm® XPR170® and XPR300®

The XPR™ plasma product line increases cut speed, dramatically improves productivity and slashes operating costs.

High quality argon marking using the same cutting consumables allows for a rapid and efficient changeover.


Oxy-Fuel Option:

Koike 300L Oxy-fuel Cutting Torch
Legendary Koike oxy-fuel cutting torch assures greater safety, reduces the risk of flashback and backfire, while providing unmatched cutting quality. *Lifetime torch warranty

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