Chapman Technical Group-
"Without the help of Koike, we would have had to fabricate a fairly complicated, not nearly as reliable mechanism."
David Hoy
Structural Engineer
Misa Metal Fabricating-
Matthew Weber, Process Technician at Misa Metal Fabricating uses his Koike Aronson cutting machine system to cut 1/2 inch or thicker plate. He says "they stay with Koike Aronson machines because they pay for themselves..."
Matthew Weber
Process Technician
Weld.com's Jason Becker gives his review on the ShopPro CNC Plasma Cutter by Koike Aronson
Jason Becker
Sandfire Scientific- https://sandfire.com/
Koike Back Pressure Valves that we have been using at Sandfire Scientific Ltd for the last 20 plus years

Coosa Steel Corp- /
I cannot say it enough, what a pleasure it is working with Koike, and how happy I am with our decision to buy another machine from you all.
Andrew Saville
Ajay Glass Company- http://www.ajayglass.net/
"We had 6,000 stainless steel panels to cut with intricate notches...our Koikejet E60x120 machine helps us to modify parts in minutes which would have taken hours without it."
Chris Vogler
Ajay Glass Company, Sheet Metal Fabrication
InCon Marketing Group LLC-
The online training was very beneficial.
Jerry Petsch
Nordan Smith Welding Supplies-
Very good equipment. Customer service was courteous, responsive,and virtually unmatched in this industry.
Darren Hopper
Brooks Welding-
You can't compete with me unless you have a Koike machine.
Mike Busby
Hodge Fabrication, Inc.-
We are able to be in control, now that we have a Koike burning table.
Mark E. Hodge
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