The ShopJet is Koike’s newest waterjet cutting system is effective at cutting a wide range of materials and applications. 

Fully engineered, manufactured, and supported in the USA.



Compact Waterjet Cutting System

» Effectively cuts a wide range of materials and applications
» Manufactured by industry experts
» Solid steel construction
» Smaller footprint than others in its class
» Greater reliability and performance

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ShopJet™ Features

  • Backed by a long-time industry leader with localized service, support and parts.
  • Built with a solid steel construction using Koike's proven design for a rigid and sturdy foundation
  • Built to ISO 230-2 to ensure accuracy and repeatability
  • No heat effected parts and no discoloring during use
  • Repeatability of .0015 inch allows for accurate cutting
  • Built using direct drive helical rack and pinion for maximum performance
  • Backed by long-time industry leader with localized service, support and parts to ensure peak performance is maintained
  • Quick installation and set-up (unitized design for plug and play)
  • Add-on options available to enhance efficiency and performance
  • Includes educational training for maximum precision and use of machine
  • Can be shipped on a standard 8 foot truck
  • 2,200 pounds of FREE abrasive with every machine order
  • Available in 4'x4', 4'x8', and 5'x10' models 
  • Equipped with FlashCut Pro CAD/CAM software
  • 2 year warranty
  • Machine and remote software licenses

The ShopJet™ offers fabricators unprecedented value for waterjet cutting

The ShopJet™ makes waterjet cutting easy.

Waterjet (no heat effected) cutting process capabilities

♦ Read about the ShopJet's Standard Equipment Features and Benefits
  • Water table:with curved slats
  • Emergency Stop Button:E-stop button located on each saddle quickly and safely shuts off machine motion and cutting process.
  • Dual Side Drive With Precision Ground Linear Bearings: Provides smooth and accurate motion.
  • Precision Low Backlash Gearboxes: Large 25mm linear bearing on short axis and 30mm bearing on the cross for smooth motion.
  • Helical Gear Rack: With AGMA 12 grade ground pinions.
  • FlashCut CAD/CAM/CNC Pro Software

    CAD drawing package highlights:
    ▪ Simple shape menu
    ▪ Manipulate simple shapes into parts you need
    ▪ DXF and DWG import
    ▪ Fix drawing tool
    ▪ CAD lay support
    ▪ Centerline image import
    ▪ Silhouette image input
    ▪ DXF export
    ▪ Advanced text true type font support

    CAM package highlights:
    ▪ True shape multipart nesting
    ▪ Material database (cut chart support)
    ▪ Lead-in/Lead-out auto assignment for material thickness
    ▪ Customizable lead-in and lead-out
    ▪ Advanced small hole processing
    ▪ Over burn
    ▪ Tabbing
    ▪ Graphical editing of lead-in/lead-out
    ▪ Curved text around any shape

    CNC package highlights:
    ▪ Jump to line
    ▪ Allows for easy torch placement on large nests or parts
    ▪ Dynamic torch height control
    ▪ Process parameter manipulation
    ▪ Full view of nests or part with real time tracking

    Abrasive Metering Assembly
  • KMT Feedline Precision
    Simplicity and flexibility for performance value.
  • Operational Ease
    Can be adjusted while cutting for maximum efficiency
  • Cutting Flexibility
    Operator can quickly determine the amount of abrasive needed to improve cutting speed.
  • Consistent Accuracy
    Hardened orifice components minimize changes in feed-rate over time due to orifice wear.
  • Simplified Technology
    Gravity feed design close to the cutting head eliminates abrasive waste.
  • Non-Metallic Design
    Lightweight, durable non-metallic construction for easy cleaning and corrosion resistance. Clear 360 degree viewing of abrasive for each monitoring.
  • Wear Components
    Air cylinder rod shielded to minimize wear from abrasive. Fast and easy part replacement, clearning, no tools required for day-to-day maintenance.

    Pneumatic Valve, Cutting Head Assembly, IDE II, 60K.
    Includes IDE II Assembly with diamond orifice, 
    focusing tube, .75 x 5.75 nozzle tube, .25 HP inlet adapter with short stop filter and N/C pneumatic valve.
  • New Diamond Mounting
    Design Improves Alignment and Cutting Performance
  • Newly Disigned Nozzle Body
    Increases Performance
  • Less Clamping Torque Required
  • User-friendly Retro-fit for Current Users

    Diamond Orifice Improves Alignment & Cutting Performance
  • Up to 50% more productivity - no maintenance down time.
  • From 10 to 20 times greater mean time between failure
  • Superior edge quality


Machine Components

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